Tisbury Angling Club

AGM Meeting

Minutes from the AGM meeting


The Chairman:  Alan Bonner


Welcomed all present


The minutes of the last A,G,M where read out


Financial Report:  Jim Edmundís

        Jim passed out a record of our finances for the passed year which showed we are a down on the previous year to which the members where told about the rents have gone up, plus other expediences have also increased, it was put to the meeting that we should in-cress the memberships which was voted on and everyone agreed the new membership fees as from the 16th of June 2016 are

Full Member £55

O,A,P            £35

Juniors          £17

Guest            £10


Membership's:  Bernie Broom

       Total members for the year 17 to 18  where 150 this is down on the previous year but in line with other years, we are looking for other ways to keep our members and get new members to join us.


Heath and Safety:  Alan Bonner

        We talked about how important this is to us and have asked if anyone spots any issues to let us know so we can sort any issues sorted.


Match Reports:  Steve Adamson

         Steve thanked Matt Bell for all his help running the matches during the season and went on to say the matches have been well attended with a new match record weight being caught by Alan Bonner, he then handed out the the new Match Fixtures.


Presentations of Cups by Paddy Douglass Pennant and Steve  Adamson:

Junior champion;  Ollie Mann

Lady Margadale : not won

David Young Cup (Highest Weight): Alan Bonner

Eric Lush Cup: Brain Trim

Fred Wall: Bob Shutler

Summer Runner Up:Alan Bonner

Summer Champion: Brain Trim

Winter Runner Up: Brain Trim

Winter Champion: Matt Bell

Over All Runner Up: Alan Bonner

Over All Champion: Brain Trim


Any Other Business:


        Lavington Club have asked if Tisbury would be interested in fishing against them our club is keen but the fixtures have already been done but we will contact them to see if something worked out.


        Simon Enticott asked if we could have more Open Matches this was did not go down well but Steve said he might be able to sort out a festival.


  A new number for the Longhouse padlock was chosen. And we the committee and the members at the meeting would like to thank Mr Rob Fogerty for all his hard work cutting the grass at Longhouse.


Election Of committee: 

This was done by all Members Present the Committee are as follows


President:             Paddy Douglass Penant

Chairman:             Alan Bonner

Subscriptions:       Bernie Broom

Treasurer:              Jim Edmund's

Match Secretary: Steve Adamson 


Committee:           John Bell


                                Greg Bell

                                Mat Bell

                                Geoff Lambert

                                Rob Fogerty


The Chairman then asked if anyone else would like to join the committee but everyone was happy with the way the committee are running the Club.


The Chairman then Closed the Meeting by Thanking all who came.


The AGM for next year will hopefully be at the Penruddocke arms all being well.

30th April 2019 Starting at 20:00




The Next AGM Meeting will take place at the South Western Tisbury

8.00pm Tuesday 25th April 2017


Two work parties will be needed  Saturday June the 4th and Saturday June 11th to do some tree cutting and clearing at Wardour Lake starting time 09:00.