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Dear Member.

On Monday September the 4th  and Tuesday September 5th down at the sewage end of the Nadder river two Rams were attacked one was killed and the other had to be put down. If you were in the area did you see anything to do with the attack if so can you please let Mrs Atterton know her number is 01747870140.   





Parking at Longhouse


Dear Members


When parking at Longhouse next to the lakes can you please have a look at the ground conditions, Before parking your car on the grass or driving down to the lake.

About two weeks ago some one drove down to the top lake for a days fishing and at the end of the session went to leave the lakes and got stuck and made very deep tracks.

We have been out to do some repairs to the ground the Land Lord is not very happy about the mess left behind by the person responsible and for not reporting it to a Tisbury Angling Club committee member.

We must remember that any thing like this happening may compromise the club and we could lose the lakes.




 Match Venue


  The match at Fonthill The Lady Margadale Cup.

   Has been canceled for this year due to Heath & Safety on maintenance being done on  the lake.


 A Change to a Match Venue

The match at Two Counties has now been changed to fonthill. The Lady Margadale Cup
Draw time 08:30 £10 entry the match is a walk off.

Please phone Steve Adamson on 07921330849 if you want to book in.




a)     We have had a meeting with the Landlord at Longhouse on the 23rd January 2015

b)    We Tisbury Angling Club will be responsible for the grass cutting and trimming and maintenance to the platforms.

c)     The fishery will become members only No fishing on exchange books or on Day tickets as requested by the Landlord & The Committee.

d)     You must carry your membership book at all times if you donít have your book when asked by committee member you will be asked to leave the fishery.

e)     You can still take someone as a guest but you the member are responsible for that person.

f)      There will be a combination lock on the gate and only members will have the number. Please do not give out this number to any one out side of  the club

g)     We must keep the site clean and tidy of litter the Tisbury club rules will apply to this fishery.

h)    No night fishing. Lake opening times first light till dusk.

i)       The closed season will be from 01st October till 09th February due to Landlords shooting program.

j)       We the club can pay a smaller fee to fish the fishery on Sundays only in the closed season.

k)    Policing the fishery is our main problem as we need some one or a pair to check that any one fishing are members.

l)       The landlord has said that if he checks the fishery and finds a lot of litter or damage to his property he will have no alternative but to give the club a months notice to leave the fishery. Any moneys paid for the fishery will not be refundable.

m)  First lake in through the gate on the left hand side has Carp Roach Perch and Crucian Carp.

n)    Second Lake an the right hand side mainly Carp small up to one and half pound.

o)    Third lake above second one Carp all sizes biggest up to fifteen pounds and Roach from small to 6 to 8oz

p)    Fourth lake some Carp in there it hasn't been fished yet.

q)    Fifth Lake has Carp from 4oz up to 30lb there are Roach and Skimmers Rudd  and some bigger Bream.

r)     No Fires No Radios and No Dogs.

s)      Please keep the gate closed at all times                     

     t)      All members must have the appropriate Rod licence which you may be asked to show by the

         Landlord of the fishery or the Environment Agency.

    u) The club is having a open Match on the 29th of March 2015    ( Please Phone Steve Adamson on 07921330849 to book in )