Tisbury Angling Club

 Information About Tisbury Angling Club

Tisbury Angling club was first established in 1963 by a small group of anglers from the local area . There were ten to twelve members in the original formation. According to www.carpinfo.co.uk there was an original club 150 years ago with Hugo Morrison as president. It is believed to have finished in 1914 at the start of the first world war. The modern day club started in 1964 with the first meeting being held in July of that year at the Bennet Arms Public House. According to other fishing websites, the first water was a stretch on the River Nadder at Wardour, running from the bus shelter down to the first bridge. The second stretch ran from Court Street Bridge to the sewerage works and was rented from The Fonthill Estate. In November 1964 another stretch from Hatch level crossing to the Shallcross farm was rented.

Much of the finance to establish the club was made from skittle matches held at the South Western Public House and weekly jumble sales held at The Victoria Hall. Fishing matches started at Old Abbey lake in 1967.In the early years of the angling club there was also deep sea fishing matches .

The overriding principle of the club has always been to provide well managed waters with secured access and where carp shawls in its lakes or running a stick float down the river for , as well as Bivvying up for the carp on the River/lakes and other fishing Tisbury Angling Club uses all of the above.

The club waters include three miles along the River Nadder, a 3.5 acre lake at Old Wardour and a 2.5 acre lake at Dinton, two miles north from Salisbury. Anglers can fish for Carp, Bream, Roach and Perch at Wardour, Pike at Dinton and Trout at Nadder.

The River Nadder is a chalk stream rivers in southern England, much sought after by fishermen because of its clear waters and its abundance of brown trout. It is one of the main tributaries of the Avon, rising from a number of springs and small streams at Donhead St Mary in south Wiltshire. The river winds its way east-northeast, heading towards the medieval cathedral city of Salisbury.

With these principles in mind the committee of the club have always aimed at providing quality waters at a reasonable cost to the angler and engaging member participation. There are now around 160 members with three top quality angling venues in the Wardour, Nadder and Dinton regions and a progressive thinking committee still dedicated to the core issues of the initial principle that was set out back in 1963.